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Best Septic South Carolina knows how easily a home or business’s main sewer line can clog. We have spent years fine-tuning our cleaning process to make certain that our customers’ sewer lines flow freely all the time. Even though your sewage is handled by your local municipality, you’re still responsible for your main sewer line. Whether clogged, damaged, or leaking, we can help you.

Sewer Line Inspection

We’ll start with a sewer line inspection. We have state-of-the-art equipment that allows us to see inside your sewer line from its start through to the municipality’s piping. We guide a small camera through your line to find clogs, debris, and cracks, or other issues. This is often required during a home inspection for financing or a real estate transaction, but we also inspect lines for our customers to detect potential causes for concern as part of a regular maintenance plan.

Sewer Line Concerns

The most common causes for concerns with sewer lines are clogs and tree root encroachment. All water that drains and flushes from your home enters your main sewer line. This means all things in that water also find their way into the line. Many things can clog the line just as they clog your plumbing pipes because a sewer line is a big pipe. Common clog culprits are food, grease, hair, oil, and paper such as toilet tissue. These things can build up in the line.

Tree roots can also damage your sewer line. They grow around the line and push up against it. This can cause the line to crack or separate at a seam. The nice thing about our equipment is we can see where exactly a root has damaged the line. This saves you money for the repair because we might be able to fix the line at the exact place of damage rather than replace the entire line. Bear in mind the less debris that makes it in or around the line the better.

Sewer Line Cleaning Near Me

Our sewer line cleaning services help to prevent buildup that clogs the pipe. After we’ve inspected the line for damage, we’ll use a brush that extends all the way down the line to scrub the sides of the piping to remove all debris and grime. We are experts at sewer cleaning, so we know the exact pressure a line can take. We will ensure we don’t damage the line while we clean it. Once we’re done, your line will be free of clog-causing material until it builds up again.

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