Septic Tank Pumping

For many homeowners, their worst nightmare is a septic tank back-up. This isn’t a pleasant experience even if the backup is minor. When your septic tank is full, the sewage has no place to go other than back into your home. It does so through the open drains in your sinks, showers, and tubs, and up through the toilet. Don’t wait until this happens because it’s – well – gross. Call Best Septic South Carolina for a septic tank pumping and inspection service.

Your Septic System

Each time you flush the toilet and run water in your home it exits through your plumbing to the main septic line. The line carries the water and debris in it to the septic tank. Solid waste settles to the bottom of the tank. Oil and other grunge floats up and rests at the top of the tank. The remaining wastewater flows into the drain field where it’s treated for harmful bacteria and filtered into the ground. This is a basic explanation of how your septic system works.

Your Tank

On average, a residential septic tank can hold anywhere from 750 to 1,250 gallons of waste. Once it’s full, that waste needs to be removed from the tank and disposed of properly. This is hazardous waste, so it can be dangerous if it backs up out of the tank into your home or seeps into the ground. Most experts in our field agree that it’s wise to have your septic tank pumped every five years on average. If your household is small, however, you can go longer.

Septic Pumping Services Near Me

Our septic tank services include monitoring your tank on a regular basis to see how fast it fills. This helps us customize your septic pumping service schedule. Once your tank is full, we’ll pump the solid waste out of the tank and into a portable tank on one of our trucks. Then, we’ll inspect your tank to ensure it isn’t damaged. If it is, we can repair or replace it, but hopefully, it won’t be. After our service is complete, we’ll haul the waste to a proper disposal facility.

We Handle the Dirty Work

Best Septic South Carolina isn’t afraid to get our hands dirty. We do so so our customers don’t have to. We’re septic system experts and we’ve handled sewage for years. We serve all of South Carolina, and we’re here for you even if your tank backs up unexpectedly. Your tank won’t schedule an appointment with you to back up at your convenience, so call us day or night if you need a septic pumping service

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