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Your septic system’s drain field is the final destination of the water and waste that leaves your house. Best Septic South Carolina is your local drain field remediation experts. You probably think that all septic system maintenance and repair companies in the area say that, and we bet they do. We mean it, however, and we have the industry experience to back it up.

What Is the Drain Field?

Your septic system consists of a main pipe from your home to the septic tank to the drain field. Wastewater flows out of your home through the main pipe and stops first at the tank. The tank stores the sludge and solids in the water but the water itself heads through to the field. This is perhaps one of the most crucial components of your septic system because the drain field is in charge of treating the wastewater to remove E-coli and other bacteria. Once the field does that, the water flows into the ground safely because it’s no longer an environmental hazard.

What Can Go Wrong With the Drain Field?

The drain field itself is a system of pipes and layers of sediment. It can easily clog, especially if you allow debris to flow down your drains or use toilet tissue or flush other things that aren’t septic safe. If you don’t have your septic tank pumped regularly, it can back up into your field, which will clog and damage it. The field bacteria are also susceptible to damage if you use harsh chemical cleaners such as bleach in your laundry. Bleach kills the bacteria.

Age is also a danger to drain fields as is natural earth movement and settling soil. Over time, your drain could simply wear down or be damaged by movement. It’s a sensitive system, but we will inspect it regularly to ensure it is operating at full capacity. Signs your drain field is in trouble include pooling water or consistently damp soil above it, unpleasant smells outside around the area, and excessive plant growth above the field.

Call Us Right Away if You Notice Any of These Things

Don’t take chances if you notice any of the symptoms above. Remember, the field sanitizes your wastewater, so you don’t want contaminated water flowing into your ground soil. Best Septic South Carolina is here to remediate your drain field if you need it. Give us a call to schedule an inspection and know that we help customers throughout South Carolina.

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